Introducing Our New QuietDrive

A New and Simple Way

to Power your Yacht.

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Quiet and Enjoyable
Cruising Speeds

10-14 knots on the low range under full electric mode for several hours.

UQM Performance
Motor Choice

High-Quality UQM manufactured electric motors in several different KW ranges.

Marine Generators
For Hybrid Cruising

Stay tuned for our new generator.

Featured Model

OceanAire 426 SSE

Electric Hybrid

This is not a boat built to a price or to compete with other boats of similar size. This is a boat with the best of everything, built to a very high standard of excellence.

Featured Projects

At OceanAire Yachts, we've had the opportunity to serve many Tollycraft Clients. See some of our featured projects below.

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About OceanAire Yachts

OceanAire Yachts was established in 1998 with a vision to continue to build yachts that followed a traditional design well desired, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

With the yachting industry taking a downturn in the economy we became adaptable to the needs of the merging industry to retro-fitting, repowers, and remodeling.