About OceanAire Yachts

We are a local and family-owned company dedicated to delivering quality service.

OceanAire Yachts was established in 1998 with a vision to continue to build yachts that followed a traditional design well desired, especially in the Pacific Northwest. With the yachting industry taking a downturn in the economy we became adaptable to the needs of the merging industry to retro-fitting, repowers, and remodeling. We have persevered in the marine market by always adapting to the market and keeping our company lean and innovative.

Enter in the year 2015. The founder Jeff Harman has had a desire to bring the electric-powered vessel to a new height,

and has designed his own propulsion system that he sees will revolutionize the marine market starting in 2015.

Taking advantage of other companies that have also been leading the way in the software and logistics of electric motors and control systems, we have reached the excitement point of no return.

This new QuietDrive system will change the marine market in leading the way to eliminating or reducing the fossil fuel consumption of today’s yachts. We will now incorporate these new drives into our new models starting in 2015.

After boarding and inspecting this boat, I want to congratulate the company of OceanAire Yachts on their molding, engineering, electrical work and interior fit and finishing. This is not a boat built to a price or to compete with other boats of similar size. This is a boat with the best of everything, built to a very high standard of excellence.

R. M. Tollefson, CEO Tollycraft