QuietDrive QD300

OceanAire has developed an innovative design to make your cruising an enjoyable, quiet, and an odor free experience.

About Our Concept

We have pulled together the best electric motor manufacturer UQM, and some of the best software programmers, to make this drive the best on the market to date. QuietDrive was developed for the customer’s enjoyment, right back to the builders ease of installation. This drive is as close to maintenance free as possible. Imagine all the headaches of gas or diesel engine maintenance that always is in the back of the captain’s mind, “when is the next breakdown going to occur”, or “we need to stop and get more fuel” etc,etc.

OceanAire will work with you to put a complete package together for your needs. We will gather your cruising expectations and then design the complete electrical system with our programmers to make your yacht the most efficient vessel possible. Our design will envelope the complete yacht from the coffee pot to the shore power plug. We can even eliminate the need for shore power and still keep your coffee hot! Contact us today by clicking on the Learn tab.